Heavy Construction

The Construction Division of Strata Corporation is a highly diversified and progressive Heavy/Highway construction contractor. We pride ourselves on completing our projects safely with integrity, innovation and excellence. Strata has 7 fixed regional Construction Division offices and works throughout the Upper Midwest.

Our Vision:

  1) To constantly be striving for better ways to build successful projects for our clients.

  2) To maximize the potential of our staff in utilizing their knowledge and skills to maintain Strata Corporation as a leader in the Construction Industry.

  3) To remain committed to providing our employees with a workplace environment that is focused on safety, quality, and EEO rights.

  4) To ensure our dealings with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, consultants, and our employees are always carried out with the highest integrity and in an exemplary business manner.

Specialty Services include:

Asphalt Paving: Military and commercial airfields, highways, streets, parking lots, driveways, running tracks, tennis courts, seal coat, prime coat, and armor coat.

Commercial Concrete Construction: Structural concrete work, foundations, walls, floors, retaining walls, specialty concrete work, flood walls, concrete flood control structures.

Concrete Paving: Military and commercial airfields, highways, streets, curb and gutter, parking lots, driveways, stamped concrete, spall repair, and joint sealing.

Demolition: Commercial buildings and residential structures, heavy concrete structures and pavements, land clearing, on/off site recycling, overhead electrical lines.

Earthwork: Military and commercial airfields, highways, streets, levees, lagoons, commercial site development, building excavation and backfilling, aggregate bases, soil stabilization, oil field site development, dams, railroad site development, railroad spur development, seeding, landscaping, erosion control, armored bank stabilization, and commercial aggregate supply.

Electrical Construction: Airfield lighting and navigation systems, high voltage, traffic signals, street and parking lot lighting, lift stations, directional boring and trenching, fiber optics, line construction, railroad crossing detection, high mast lighting, duct banks, cathodic and lightning protection.

Hourly Resource Rental Services for: Train derailments, interim flood protection levees and removal, dewatering services, snow removal, heavy hauling, end and side dump rental.

Hydro-Excavator Services: Excavating remotely at long distances, exposure to live gas distribution lines, utility and pipe location, utility excavation, excavation of frozen ground, directional boring, pipe and line installation, potholing, slot trenching, water-line repair, valve box clean out, sign and pole installation.

Enviromental Remediation Services: Remediation, bio-remediation, contaminated soil excavation and disposal, hydro excavation and vacuum truck services, environmental emergency responses, spill containment and clean up, and abatement.

Oil Field Services: Site development, oil, gas and water pipelines, solidification, site reclamation, roadway construction, scoria and aggregate base, hourly equipment and manpower rental, and frac pit construction and closures.

Underground Utilities: Water, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, gas lines, pipe boring and bursting, lift stations, and septic systems.

Strata Corporations Central Lab, located in Grand Forks, ND, is AMRL and CCRL accredited in Aggregate, Asphalt and Concrete testing.

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Strata Corporation provides full-service enviromental emergeny response and remediation services to public and private business.

* Contaminated Soil Excavation, Stabilization and Solidification
* On-Site Bio Remediation Services
* Ground Water Contamination
* Impoundment/Lagoon Sludge - Dredging, De-watering, Stabilization
* General Decontaminating, Demolition and Disposal
* AST and UST Removal and Tank Services
* Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
* Teaming Arragements and Other Service

Strata Provides 24-hour emergency spill response, containment and cleanup services for wet and dry chemicals.


Strata Corporation Construction Division Provides:

* Underground construction
* Oil pipeline/gathering line installation
* Poly salt and fresh water line installation
* Fly Ash services
* Oil well re-grade and berm development
* Reserve pit closures and removals
* Pier drilling
* Hyro-Excavating Services
* Environmental Remediation Services

Strata can provide on-site services as a
prime or subcontractor projects!

Strata provides 24 hour emergency spill response, containment and cleanup services for wet or dry chemicals.
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